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Why Replace Your Old Roof Now

If you have been pushing off the task of replacing your old roofing in San Francisco, CA, you still have time to act. Although it may be tempting to wait it out for another season and take up the job when the weather is better, this could actually cost you thousands of dollars in energy loss. Here are a few more reasons to replace your roof this October.


You Can Still Beat the Holidays


Even though fall is officially here and the holidays are just around the corner, there is still ample time to accommodate a roof replacement before Thanksgiving arrives. Time demands vary drastically with the scale of the project, however even large commercial projects can be accomplished in a matter of weeks. Even better is the fact that your roofers in Petaluma, CA, will be done with their busy seasons. This means they can allocate more workforces to your project to get it done sooner.


Prices and Traffic Have Dropped


Summer is high season for contractors. This is true in terms of traffic and, therefore, prices. Most homeowners rush to install new roofs during the warmer months, when the holidays are far off the horizon and the weather is cooperative. Although these are great incentives, the problem is that everyone else also has this idea. By scheduling your project in October, you avoid both of these problems.


Your Old Roof Could Be Costing You


One of the best reasons to rip out your old roofing in Novato, CA, no matter the time of year, is to save on energy costs. Old roofs are far less efficient than modern models; this can become especially apparent in the winter months when your heater is struggling to keep up with the cold. Installing a new roof in October sets you up for a cozy winter and a comfortable energy bill.


Don’t wait any longer! Tear out your old roof now.

Why You Should Limit Attic Humidity

Our attics play a vital role not only in the wellbeing of roofing in Novato, CA, but also in our homes overall. When attics are dry and airy, they help to promote a healthy environment for roofing and our interiors. When they are extremely hot and humid, however, they leave us vulnerable to a wide… Continue Reading