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4 Questions to Ask Your Roofing Contractor

Finding the right roofers in San Rafael, CA isn’t always an easy task. Some work exclusively with specialty materials, while some focus solely on commercial vs. residential. To find the right contractor for your job, it’s important to ask questions. Start with these four to discover if your roofer fits the bill.

  1. Do You Carry Insurance?

License and insurance are non-negotiable items. Almost all contractors have their licenses to perform roofing in Novato, CA and San Francisco, except for the lowest of the low, but not all carry insurance. If medical liability is not something you’re willing to play around with, ask to make sure your roofer has insurance.

  1. How Long Have You Been Working in the Bay Area?

Location knowledge is important, especially in the Bay Area. Finicky weather and salty air have distinct effects on various roofing materials, and your roofer should have experience working under these conditions. Locality also matters because it means your contractor has had the time to develop relationships within the community.

  1. What Kinds of Materials do You Work With?

This question is important because it demonstrates two different things. One is that the contractor is familiar and experienced with a wide variety of Bay Area-appropriate roofing materials. The other is that he or she may focus on just one specialty, for example metal roofing in San Francisco, CA. It’s important to know what you’re looking for going into the process so you can find someone who matches your needs.

  1. What Do Past Customers Think?

Nothing matters more than reputation, and you’ll want your roofer to have a good one. Make sure he or she can provide a portfolio of past work as well as testimonials from past customers who were pleased with their results. This will give you the confidence you need to know you’ve found a winning contractor.

Can Your Roof Handle the Ice This Winter?

One of the reasons we love living and roofing in San Francisco, CA is our year-round mild weather. While the Bay Area is hardly one of the nation’s snowiest places, we can still get our fair share of chilly temperatures and the occasional ice storm. The worst time to realize you need roof repair is… Continue Reading