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4 Tips for Caring for Gutters

When it comes to maintenance for roofing in San Francisco, CA, do not forget to take care of your gutters. These savvy drains do much more than divert water away from our roofs and foundations; they also keep our homes healthy and running efficiently. They can only perform as intended, however, when they are free and clear of any obstructions. Here are four tips for caring for gutters.


  1. Clear Gutters of Detritus


The biggest threat to gutters is debris. When twigs, leaves, and other scraps accumulate, they can bog down gutters and even prevent them from draining altogether. This scenario is much more than a nuisance; it can pose a threat to roofing and siding in the form of water damage. Make sure your gutters are the only components handling water by clearing them of any obstacles.


  1. Clean Thoroughly


After the large pieces of debris have been removed, you should still give your gutters a once-over with a mild cleaner. This helps to remove small particles and prevent the growth of mold and bacteria.


  1. Inspect for Denting


Roofers in Petaluma, CA, rarely need to treat gutters for denting, but it does happen. Sometimes a gust of wind can send a large object, like a tree limb, hurling onto your home. Depending on where it lands, your gutters may experience extreme denting that prohibits drainage. Have your contractor look for and fix any severe dents.


  1. Eliminate Rust


Rust is a problem on gutters because it can make it easier for twigs and leaves to become trapped. In extreme cases, rust can also prevent water from draining properly. This can be a challenging problem to treat, however, so enlist the help of your local roofing contractor in San Francisco, CA, for expert assistance.


By caring for gutters, you can keep the rest of your home healthy for many years to come.

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