Attic “Rain” and Roof Leaks: What is the Difference?

Attic “Rain” and Roof Leaks: What is the Difference?

An all-too familiar problem faced by homeowners, roof leaks should be dealt with quickly to prolong the life of your system and protect your living space from serious water damage. Roof leaks are evident during rainy days, but what if you’ve discovered wet stains along your walls and ceiling when it’s bright and sunny out? The trusted roofing contractor in the area, Northern Pacific Roofing, Inc. explains when a roof leak isn’t a leak at all.

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What Is Attic “Rain?”

When you’ve noticed stairs on your ceiling, or when some walls are damp to the touch, it’s understandable to assume you have a roof leak. But that may be unlikely when you’re experiencing a string of hot, sunny days. Sometimes, the issue is actually attic “rain”, which occurs when there’s too much condensation inside the home. Condensation itself is caused by excessive moisture levels generated by household activities that use a considerable amount of water, such as cooking, dish and laundry washing, and long, hot showers.

When the conditions are right, the moisture trapped inside your home will collect around openings, such as leaks and gaps around the ceiling and attic, perimeter walls with less insulation, and the underside of the roof decking. So that leak may not be a true roof leak, but just condensation on the building envelope. A true roof leak is indicated by dripping or running water, after all. But the good news is that dealing with this issue is simple. Just turn to the reliable roofing company in the area, Northern Pacific Roofing, Inc. for effective solutions.

How We Deal with Attic “Rain”

Condensation, when overlooked, encourages mold and rot, weakening the roof structure and resulting in poor indoor air quality. By dealing with condensation issues, we can eliminate the potential for attic “rain”. Our trained and experienced team will perform a comprehensive inspection of your roof decking and attic, sealing any gaps and openings with the appropriate insulation. To reduce excessive moisture in the space between your home and roof, we may add the necessary ventilation, as well.

When it comes to high-quality residential roofing services, look no further than Northern Pacific Roofing, Inc. We’ll make sure your home remains dry and intact with our exceptional solutions. We proudly serve the areas in and around Petaluma, San Francisco, and San Rafael, CA. Call us today at (415) 456-3482 or fill out this contact form to schedule your roof evaluation.