How to Prevent Gutter Damage

How to Prevent Gutter Damage

Gutter damage can cause roofing issues and foundation damage as well. These are problems that are best avoided from the get-go. To help you prevent the hassle that comes with gutter damage, Northern Pacific Roofing shares some tips below: 

Check for Hail Damage

Depending on the severity of the storm and the size of hailstones, your gutters may suffer from damage during a hailstorm. When installing new gutters, look for a material that can withstand the demands of the local climate. Metal is a good choice for areas that often experience hailstorms.

Prevent Clogging

Gutter maintenance should be a priority for homeowners. Your roofing contractor will likely recommend cleaning your gutters on a regular basis so as to prevent the buildup of dirt and debris. When leaves, twigs and other debris are left to accumulate in your gutters, you can expect clogging to occur the next time it rains. Water will get stuck inside your gutter system and potentially back up. This can cause some added pressure on the gutters, which will cause them to expand and eventually get damaged.

Address Overflowing Issues

Overflowing can occur due to a variety of reasons. Sometimes it can be because of poorly installed gutters, so make sure to hire a reliable contractor for your gutter replacement job. Other times, though, the cause of overflowing is an inadequate slope. Have a professional check the pitch of your roof. If necessary, this can be adjusted, allowing water to flow more efficiently.

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