The Most Vulnerable Parts of a Roofing System

The Most Vulnerable Parts of a Roofing System

All roofs have vulnerabilities. In today’s post, trusted roofing company Northern Pacific Roofing discusses the most vulnerable parts of a roofing system and what you can do to protect them from damage.


Flashing is made from strips of metal that protect breaks in the roofing system. Typically, you’ll be able to find flashing on the valleys and the area where the roof meets a wall. It is common for the flashing to be dislodged by strong winds. When this happens, leaks could easily form the next time it rains. Make sure to replace damaged flashing promptly.

Chimneys and Vent Pipes

Chimneys and vent pipes are roof penetrations that are built with a special type of flashing called a rubber boot. The purpose of this is to protect the area of the roof where the roof plane and the vent pipe meet. Over time, rubber boots may become brittle and crack due to exposure to sunlight. It’s important to have them replaced by a roofing contractor so that your roof penetrations remain secure.

Roof Edge

The roof edge is often a casualty of high winds. To make sure it won’t easily give in to a strong wind, install starter strips that are reinforced with adhesive. Also, if you notice any gaps between the decking and the first row of shingles, make sure to call a roofer and have them repaired immediately.

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