What Is the HardieZone® System?

What Is the HardieZone® System?

The contiguous United States spans a diverse geographic area, stretching from the Pacific to the Atlantic. Its size means it has varying climates and weather conditions. By extension, materials for homes in one area may not work very well in another. Siding is the same.

What Is the HardieZone® System?

In today’s post, Northern Pacific Roofing, Inc., your trusted roofing expert, sheds light on a siding system that can be designed to adapt to your climate—James Hardie®’s HardieZone® system.

What Is the HardieZone System?

Siding luminaries from James Hardie designed the HardieZone system as a flexible way to choose the appropriate siding product depending on your area’s climate conditions. While there’s still no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to weather resistance and housing materials—siding included—HardieZone is the closest you will ever get.

James Hardie used eight climate variables to come up with 10 climate zones. They then made distinct siding products that each fit the environmental profile for each of these climate zones. Thus, with HardieZone, you can make an informed decision on which siding product and design can work for the longest time.

What Can HardieZone Do for Me?

Apart from the obvious benefit of picking siding that can best match the climate in your area, HardieZone also offers the following advantages:

  • Customization. Ask any siding and roofing contractor, and they’ll tell you homeowners love customizing their products to suit their taste. HardieZone comes with the ability to be customized, including colors, designs and finishes.

  • Solid warranties. James Hardie offers a 30-year limited transferable warranty for their HardieZone system siding products. If it isn’t obvious yet, this generous warranty speaks volumes about their confidence in their siding.

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